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Could your loveable pet be the source of a flea or tick infestation?

As much as we enjoy their company, animals are often the carriers of these pesky insects. After they make it inside your home they can be found living in carpets, couches and other places, creating an annoying mess.

With Truly Nolen Mansfield/Columbus you can tackle the ticks with our Inspect, identify & determine a course of action plan.

Our pest control specialists are happy to discuss your bug questions and concerns. They can come up with a plan that is right for your home or business.

Mansfield: (419) 529-3051   Columbus: (614) 448-5030

We start with a comprehensive inspection to identify the size of the problem. A pest control specialist will then design a customized action plan for your home or business.

Most often our teams will undertake a treatment plan by targeting the following areas:

  • Treatment of the indoor space
  • Detailed vacuuming of the home
  • Washing all linens in hot water
  • Isolating any animals or pets
  • Treatment to the outdoor space
  • Examination of other conditions favorable to ticks and fleas

When handling a tick or flea infestation it is important not to overreact. Our pest control specialists understand your concern and are here to help.

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